Trouble with 4 aces on this team is that they cannot be on the field at the same time, but hitters are. Amaro should know better. We got Pence but we needed more. No, Pence did not have BA above .300 in Cardinals series, but it was above .200 not like all the other Phillies.Utley and Rollins were the only one above .300 which is surprise since their Ba last 5 years in playoff series are more near .100 than .200. Yes the great Ryan Howard kicked ass again during regular season but come playoffs he had a lovely .133 BA. Yes that is not a misprint…Alot of fans said after we got all the pitchers, “how about the hitting” Good example Red Sox WS winner Ortiz had BA of .294(yes better than most Phillies this yr playoffs) this is good BA but funny thing is 5 teammates had a better one